Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Gun Control


The best thing about the United States is an individual can buy a semi automatic and keep the wolves in Government and media at bay. 

In an ideal world we would ban guns and selling weapons abroad but to start at home is a sign of electronic entrainment and a limited understanding of what happened to China and Germany when guns were removed from society. 

Gun control is peddled by the worst of the worst and the least informed swallow it spoon-fed and cheering for more.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Moloch Meta Mechanism

It is my view, and it's just an informed opinion that Vegas was the bifurcated deep state's coming out party. 

Some know, some don't want to know and the rest don't know.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Why Does Paul Joseph Watson Behave Like A Blackmailed Paedophile?

Las Vegas had multiple shooters. This video is the definitive explanation which leaves the question: Why do people like Paul Joseph Watson and Ed Opperman peddle mainstream media narratives? Thanks to Sean at SGT report for making this unambiguous.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Gloria Steinem - Lifelong CIA Actress

Rich Siegel on Facebook has written a wonderful post on Hugh Hefner that raises troubling questions for those of us who have spent time researching lifetime actors for social engineering at the CIA and so forth. I've emailed Joseph Atwill and he agrees it's worth exploring. I've also emailed Gloria Steinem but have yet to receive a response.

My comment as follows:

Charles Edward Frith Great post Rich. Well written and certainly raises a lot of questions whatever side of the debate. Many who have researched the social engineering of the 60's by reading Weird scenes inside the Canyon by Dave McGahon or Joseph Atwill's work on Gloria Steinem/Alfred Kinsey will have reservations about any person in the limelight and not working for the culture manufacturers at the CIA or Tavistock. While this information will create dissonance to the uninformed reader, it's just a fact that nothing of huge cultural importance gets past the manufacturers. It's documented that Steinem was a CIA lifelong actor and so it goes that if Hefner survived her onslaught it stands to reason that both sides of the dialectic are managed. A pornographic society and a feminist reactionary movement. One thing your post has done for me is to prompt me to write to Joseph Atwill via email just now, and ask how he can reconcile this tension given his work on the subject. As for me, I always thought Hugh Hefner was a bit sleazy for my taste though I enjoy looking at naked women and can distinguish between vile degradation of women and celebration of the beauty of the female form. Anyway, well done for a great thought provoking post. Here's Joe on Steinem. https://youtu.be/e_BodlSnUuc

Martin Screeton

Four months ago Martin Screeton on Linkedin claimed that the arsehole in the Whitehouse wouldn't last the summer.

Knowing a thing or two about politics I placed a bet with Martin that he would.

I made the small mistake of assuming there were 31 days in September so I waited till the first of October to cover the extra day. 

However, Martin has chosen not to honour our wager. 

It's not about the 50 bucks. It's about people who don't keep their word. If you need the money Martin, you could have just said you couldn't afford it. I'll delete this post if you pay the money into a Palestinian charity of my choice.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Weasel Patriots


In our circle we avoid the venerators of flag wanks like the plague. They are the least among us, and  the first to puff on about patriotism while being the least informed on what was executed in that flag's name.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Dealing With Normies

Joseph Atwill and Tim Kelly outline some of the issues of dealing with normies. Solid advice in this one. Don't waste time on people who wish to stay in the bubble.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Annabel Fraser - NTS Radio

If I was doing psychographic profiling, I'd ask one important question: Do you listen to new music or old favourites?

Friday, 22 September 2017

Paul Is Dead - The Replacement of Paul McCartney

Like any rational human, I thought the Paul is Dead thing was a silly time waster story when I first heard it about five years ago. Even when presented with the physical evidence in photographs I ignored it and put it to the back of my mind.

Over time however I began to realise that people I trust had given it significant credence but still I had too many unanswered questions so I moved it from impossible to possible but needs researching.

That process ended last week while I was bed ridden for a few days and had time to listen to subjects that I normally skip over. This presentation by Sofia Smallstorm and Mike Williams is the definitive discussion for this topic. I find Sofia a little too snooty for my taste in her exchanges with Mike but between them they present an overwhelming amount of information that makes it difficult to impossible to reject.

There are still lots of questions that remain to be answered, but I'm now, finally convinced of the Tavistock role in manufacturing the 60's.

In some ways it's exciting because if the social engineers can do this, what can't they do?

I feel I'm living in a different world, and once again I'm in awe of the people who have the balls and the brains to pull the wool over our eyes. 

Sheeps wool.

Just to be clear I'm not convinced that Viv Stanshall is a Bill Shepherd's persona but given how the 'new' Paul McCartney AKA Apple Corp (A Paul Corpse) took creative control of The Beatles from Sgt Pepper onwards, the Viv Stanshall quote above makes a lot of sense.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Viv Stanshall

I was recently introduced to the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band led by Vivian Stanshall. Some days later I was recuperating in bed for a few days and relistening to the Paul is Dead conspiracy which I will post later as its off the charts.

Out of nowhere I heard this new name Vivian Stanshall which I'd only recently come across and I enjoyed the synchronicity of it. The overlapping narratives.

I've been nosing around their work as there's possibly some substance to the Viv persona is Bill Shepherd AKA Paul's McCartney's replacement.

I'll get into this subject a bit more later, but the video I posted above I found enjoyable as it could no longer be shown on the mainstream media. I'm not saying this kind of content is relevant any more, but I am saying there's a political correctness across all media, corporations and institutions that caters to the mindwipes who are too frightened to take on the really important issues of our time, like false flag terror, illegal wars, crisis actors and Zionism.

It's easy to virtue-signal with claims of homosexuality-tolerance or full throated anti racism, but I can assure you there's no spine needed to do that. 

It takes guts to call out the NATO/EU endorsed terror in Yemen, Syria, Iran et al. It takes a backbone to call out the fake, and support the real at the risk of considerable ridicule and financial punishment.

I'll be spending more time on the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band as they raise some important questions and are invariably super talented and charming though I was less entertained with Sir Henry of Rawlinson's End earlier today which I watched on Youtube.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Is Donald Trump Channelling Elvis?

This is one of the delights of Being Gen X. If you first got to listen to the music and then subsequently get to see the visual, it adds a special layer of nostalgia and meaning that is impossible to describe to younger people who grew up with Youtube and full media or multimedia as it once was called.

I'm posting this Elvis clip as it claims to be new video footage though I doubt it is. However it is notable for a drunk and barely able to breath Elvis launching into song and smashing it out of the park.

I also find the first few seconds of Elvis in the video remind me of Trumps body language.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Joel Osteen - Parody

There's possibly a bit more to Osteen and his wife (nee) Iloff than meets the eye (sic), but suffice to say the mega-church leader's hypocrisy has been uncovered.

I notice the 'believers' and 'followers' of Osteen on Twitter invariably have no ability to separate what he says from what the Bible says. 

This has to be a fundamentally mental-illness in anyone who claims to be a follower or believer in Christ.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Kung Fu Hustle - 2004

Kung Fu Hustle has to be the best example of a film that has local themes, but is flat-out globally funny. 

Well, OK it might not make sense to a North Korean or Arctic Circle dweller but it is a hoot, and I'm surprised it took me 13 years to get round to seeing as I recall buying the DVD in Bangkok when it was released.

Psychological Profile of the Criminal Global Elite - Dr Katherine Horton & Tim Kelly

An excellent discussion on the sophisticated nature of the reality that is programmed into people and its remoteness from the authentic human experience. 

Dr Katherine Horton doesn't mention her own experiences in this episode, though the informed will be aware of her persecution by the transnational deep state.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

What Does Critical Theory Say About Jonestown?

At the one minute mark, the best graphics I've ever seen take place with Wolf Blitzer taking a good kicking.

If anybody feels compelled to debate me on the Frankfurt School can you connect with me on Skype so I can record it please?

Monday, 28 August 2017

Interview With Robert Stanley

I first connected with Robert back in 2011 via Skype from Thailand to the US. Later on he moved to Hong Kong and we chatted again while I was in Bangkok. Then, by pure synchronicity I subsequently moved to an Island in Hong Kong that is literally minutes away from the Bay he lives on and we hooked up when time permitted and very pleasant it was too.

One thing about Robert's work and life journey that seperates him from most other researchers is that he's the only one to name the eye of the pyramid or rather if there really is an hierarchical control structure, then there must be an all seeing eye at the top in control. An individual if you wish.

Robert has a name for that being, and a back-story too which I don't think anybody else has articulated as cogently and persuasively as in Robert's case though he also comes  with first hand experience too. 

Having met him multiple times and at length I can vouch for his credibility.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Winston Keech

Win Keech of course is somewhat responsible for ushering in Simon Parkes on to the wider stage. There's a wonderful interview from back in the day when Simon was deferential to Win, though he now struts the contactee/experiencer stage in full jungle loin-cloth and chest wig expounding on any subject callers care to ask questions of, as well as charging for remote healings, a sideline I could easily get into if I started to believe my own BS.

This is still an excellent interview for just thought-provoking information grounded in Keech's obvious engineering credentials. I'm not saying it's all kosher. I'm just saying it's interesting.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

No Country For Old Men

Intrigued by Tommy Lee Jones performance in A Coal Miners Daughter I returned to No Country for Old Men. 

10 years or so later,I'm still not convinced it's as great a movie as the critics claim, but it does have great characters. I particularly found Woody Harrelson's role as powerfully confident, though of course it's short lived, when he is prematurely terminated by the deeply unsettling Anton Chigurh played by Javier Bardem.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Wild Tales - 2014

Wild Tales is laugh out loud funny. It's a compilation of six stories of Argentinian script writing that really bring the human experience to life. It was a pleasure to watch this kind of film making again and it reminded me of the more humorous scenes of some of Pedro Almodovar's movies.

The story about the guy who has his car removed by the city council is particularly pleasing.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Ole Dammegard - Staged Terror: Manchester, London, Charlottesville

To the uneducated mind the notion of staging terror to socially engineer populations seems impossible, and to be quite honest I've not paid much attention to this type of news since the tediously synthetic Boston bombing. 

However, Ole Dammegard is quite an authority on this subject, and as ever, he's just asking questions that ordinary journalists should be asking, but they can never digest the concrete fact that NATO has a long history of documented 'Strategy of Tension'.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Steve Pieczenik Schools Alex Jones

Alex Jones is discredited within the truth seeking community for dispensing with 9/11 truth to shill for Donald Trump. He has been told of Israel's considerable role in 9/11 by Steve Pieczenik, and now prefers to focus on anything but what really happened to bring us to this point in time. Pieczenik is not my favourite CFR member so I have no attachment to him in particular but from time to time he does say the uncomfortable truth and here we see him remind Alex that Trump cranking up the war machine in Afghanistan is another example of political and military cowardice in action.

Until people are prepared to join the dots up and call out 9/11 for the obnoxious lie it is then nothing gets fixed, and I am hearing the silence of the left and right on this for over a decade now because unless people are talking about it, they are moral cowards.

Gary Fisher - Presidio

I accidentally picked up a really sweet bike recently. It's a Gary Fisher Presidio that's been sitting in storage so I picked it up for a song. I'm still not over losing the KLEIN to a stupidly small lock outside the Siam Paragon in Bangkok and then I lost the vintage replica I bought on a mad night out on Sukhumvit Road. Since then I've been borrowing other people's bikes till I bought a cheap bike in Jomtien follow by a Giant Talon which is a terrific bike but I had to let it go after leaving Hong Kong. Fortunately the great Robert Stanley was coincidentally living just across the bay bay from me so he took it off my hands and saved me lugging it back to the UK at a premium.

A post shared by Charles Edward Frith (@charles.frith) on

A post shared by Charles Edward Frith (@charles.frith) on

Strange isn't it? The name Presidio

Also, it was for a sale literally a few doors up the road from where I am. 

Another piece of synchronicity. 

Anyway it's a real gents bicycle but it rides faster than any bike I've had yet. Like a hot knife through butter with the sweetest Bontrager tires imaginable and comes with a new found love for handlebar gear changes.

Sweet As.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Hell Or High Water - 2016

I'm not a big fan of robbery movies or even guns in scripts at all. However this movie more than compensates for a fairly pedestrian story with exquisite photography that captures the bigness of Texas.

Jeff Bridges is a poignant addition, playing a role that squeezes a dimension of acting out of him that we haven't seen before, though he's much older and I guess so am I.

"The only way to do that was to keep a shot longer than it could hold and finding something that was almost so banal that you had to wait long enough for what the visual interest would be".