Friday, 17 November 2017

Dick Tracy - 1990

Well here we are, 2017 and a 2-way wrist watch is somewhat normal, although I've never seen anyone use it that way as texts are somewhat easier.

Al Pacino reprises his devil's voice in The Advocate for this movie so it's a familiar and brilliant performance though obviously with a different costume on.

Madonna probably acts one of her greatest performances in this role as in my view she hasn't been very compelling in other movies she made. Here she nails it though the singing does help.

Warren Beatty is just a few years to old for my liking in this movie, but is fairly harmless as an actor. Benign if you wish.

As i understand it both he and his sister Shirley McClean are connected to the Illuminati network as the Beatty family is part of them.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Statement Analysis - Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The FBI use statement analysis to determine if a person is lying. It's a 99% proven methodology based in science not pseudo science. 

The statement analysis demonstrates that the astronauts are lying.

I was most impressed that the analysis was done by Peter Hyatt, one of the most respected analysts in his field, and that when he realised the astronauts were lying, it created a cognitive dissonance in him so deep vis a vis his cultural programming that he had to share the work with two other professionals including his wife.

The both confirmed his findings that the astronauts are not telling the truth or rather are unable to tell the truth.

I do believe we have some very powerful 'woke' people on our side after this investigation. 

These are exciting times.