Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Aliens & World Events | James Gilliland | 10.22.16

James Gilliland has a ranch where he invites people to come and experience UFOs and multidimensional beings for themselves. People I consider reasonably trustworthy who have been there return with a firm conviction that non terrestrial beings or entities (whatever that means) do make their presence felt.

I've known James' work for a number of years and so all I can say is he is consistent, spiritual in his message and a nice guy. I don't feel comfortable with all the language he uses and I think he makes some claims ("my military sources") that he can't back up, but you make your own mind up.

America's MIA Children

New information I hadn't come across before, that I watched over the weekend. Powerful and compelling for the researchers interested in reality.

Gerald Clark Geneaology of the Gods

Interesting presentation by Gerald Clark if like me you're overloading on the information that is spilling out currently on real life events. Though that isn't to say the genetic manipulation of human DNA isn't credible. In many ways it makes perfect sense.